Child Custody Law
in Grand Rapids, MI

Child custody disputes are emotionally challenging for everyone involved—both the parents and the children suffer emotional stress and other types of psychological duress during custody disputes. It’s important to work with a child custody lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI who can handle your case with grace and compassion.

There are a number of challenging legal issues that accompany child custody disputes. Anne E. Lewis, P.L.C. is a highly qualified child custody attorney in Grand Rapids, MI capable of assisting clients in navigating all of these challenges, including:

child custody
  • Custody division and visitation

    Determining division of child custody and visitation rights is often one of the most challenging aspects of custody disputes and divorce proceedings. We’ll help you do what’s best for you and your child, setting a schedule that’s fair for parents and kids alike.

  • Parental rights

    In some divorce cases, the parental rights of one parent may be challenged. We can help you fight to maintain your parental rights, or help you work to revoke the parental rights of an unqualified parent.

  • Child support

    Living as a single parent is often fraught with financial hardship. Working to secure child support payments from your former spouse can go a long way toward helping you secure your independence and your child’s financial future.

Every child custody dispute is unique, which is why our firm offers a number of different resolution options for clients. We will help you pursue resolutions both in the courtroom or at the mediation table.

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