Criminal Law
in Grand Rapids, MI

There are few things more frightening, confusing and intimidating than being charged with a criminal offense. If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to have a criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, that you can trust to be on your side.

Anne E. Lewis, P.L.C. offers comprehensive criminal defense services for clients facing a wide range of charges. Regardless of the crime’s you’ve been charged with, you can rely on our firm to provide you with professional service, lots of legal options and more. Here are just some of the steps we take to provide our clients with high-quality legal representation, both inside and outside of the courtroom:

criminal law
  • Careful investigation

    For each criminal defense case, we perform a deep, thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the case in order to uncover any evidence that may prove beneficial.

  • Thorough interviews

    We interview all parties involved in the case, including the police, to ascertain a fuller picture of the events surrounding the case. Using these interviews, we can pursue a more robust defense of our clients.

  • Witness introduction

    When appropriate, we will call witnesses to the stand in order to testify on behalf of our clients’ defense.

  • Negotiate with prosecutors

    In cases that result in a conviction or a guilty plea, we’ll actively negotiate with prosecutors to secure a deal that results in minimal sentencing.

We’re proud to provide our thorough criminal defense services to clients facing a range of charges, from juvenile crimes to violent crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes, DUI and more.

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